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side effect of eating dates,eating more dates side effects,side effects of eating too many dates

Side effect of eating dates,eating more dates side effects,side effects of eating too many dates

Today we will learn about the side effects of dates. We will discuss all the problems that can occur if you consume too many dates. I will talk about the five side effects of dates

eating more dates side effects 

eating too many dates side effects

side effects of eating dates 

side effects of eating too many dates

side effect of eating dates

five Serious Side Effects of Dates Let us have a look at the serious dates side effects.

Number 1 Your blood sugar levels will go up, up and above. I can guess this is pretty obvious given the high levels of sugar these fruits contain. One has to limit their consumption in order to escape from high blood sugar. But then not all types of dates are harmful. It is dry dates that have a high glycemic index of 103. One. This is higher than that of glucose. 2 may not be the right food for weight loss, though. Dates are rich in fiber content and fiber. Eight. Weight Loss There are a couple of factors which make dates not the ideal food for weight loss. Energy Density Any food that is low in energy density calories per gram plays a good role in helping you lose weight without giving you too many calories. But the scenario is different in case of dates or other dry fruits.

Number 2 dates have around two eight calories per gram, which is almost doubled 

as of low energy density foods which have only one five calories per gram more calories. If you want to stick to a strict weight loss routine, then a large amount of dates cannot be a part of it. Dates are also high in calories when compared to most other fruits. 

Number 3 Stomach Pain There are two factors which make dates notorious for stomach aches high fiber content. Fiber is known for its unmatchable ability to prevent heart ailments and type two, diabetes. Three, fibers are nothing but plant based carbohydrates that do not digest in the body. These undigested carbohydrates help in maintaining smooth bowel movements. When you take too much of fiber, it overwhelms the bacteria in your intestines and leads to stomach ache. 

Number 4 Stomach foods with high fructose content should be blamed for stomach gas. Four and dates are well known for their high fructose content.

Number 5 Tooth Decay Now that is scary, isn't it? I don't think you can imagine yourself smiling at a camera with not so good looking teeth. Precisely. That is what might happen if you take too many dates more often for dental health. The quality and quantity of sugary foods is not that much of a concern when compared to the frequency in which you consume such foods. This serious side effect of dates. 

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